What are the effects of cholesterol that must be watched out for

Cholesterol is a fat that has a very important function for the body. Cholesterol flowing in the blood consists of good cholesterol or HDL and bad cholesterol or LDL. Both have different functions in the body, and will have a good effect if the levels are balanced. What is bad is when LDL levels in the blood are high enough because in addition to disrupting health can also cause a variety of panyakit. As a result of cholesterol which is quite dangerous this is what makes cholesterol reduction a very priority thing. What are the consequences of high cholesterol that we need to be aware of?
Due to high cholesterol
High cholesterol is characterized by several health problems, such as dizziness, joint pain, pain in the nape of the head and so forth. However, this health problem does not mean anything compared to various diseases caused by cholesterol which is quite dangerous, which include hypertension. Hypertension or high blood pressure is very closely related to high cholesterol. High cholesterol in the blood can cause fat deposits in the walls of blood vessels which narrow blood vessels and inhibit blood circulation, thereby affecting hypertension.
Cholesterol also has an impact on obesity which, if left unchecked, can cause diabetes. And the most dangerous due to cholesterol is when the buildup in blood vessels obstructs the circulation of blood pumped by the heart throughout the body, which when accompanied by high blood pressure will have an impact on heart disease until a stroke. For this reason, before causing a chronic disease that is very dangerous, it is advisable to do an early examination to determine cholesterol levels in the blood. If the LDL level is high then blood loss therapy must be done.
The effects of cholesterol can be prevented by changing lifestyles and healthy eating patterns. But if this action is less effective, it needs to be supported by cholesterol-lowering drugs. And cholesterol-lowering drugs recommended are herbal medicines. You can consume JAMKHO which is a traditional medicine by serving natural ingredients that are safe and reliable, immediately place an order at ..
Description: Due to cholesterol is very diverse, in addition to health problems, high cholesterol can also have an impact on the emergence of various chronic diseases that are very dangerous for the body.

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