The Best Way to Cultivate Chrysanthemum Flowers

Chrysanthemum is one type of flower that is quite popular in Indonesia. Besides having many bright and dazzling color choices, chrysanthemums are durable and long lasting. In Indonesia, chrysanthemums are often used as bouquets or for room decoration. Apart from Indonesia, chrysanthemums are also in great demand by people all over the world. Even according to Chinese belief, chrysanthemum is believed to bring happiness and good fortune in the family. The large number of chrysanthemum enthusiasts is what makes this chrysanthemum flower cultivation, has its own place in the business world.
Chrysanthemum Cultivation Business Opportunities
Chrysanthemum cultivation is a promising business, and has a good future. In addition to how to cultivate and care easily, chrysanthemums have a fairly high business profit, equivalent to other decorative flowers such as roses or jasmine. In addition, the demand for chrysanthemums is also very stable, although this plant is a seasonal plant, the demand is never decreasing.
How to Cultivate Chrysanthemum Flowers
Although chrysanthemum flower cultivation is quite easy, but there are some things you need to consider when trying to start this business, so that your plants can grow and develop properly. The first thing you have to prepare is planting land. Chrysanthemum flowers can live in an ideal tropical region with temperatures of 20º-26ºC at an altitude of 700-1200 masl. After having the right land, then it must be processed so that the growing media becomes loose and add to fertilizer, so that the soil becomes more fertile and leave it for about 1 month, after that it is made into mounds. Chrysanthemum growing media is not resistant to rain puddles but requires very good irrigation, so it is recommended to use the green house method.
After the land is ready, then the process of planting seedlings. For better chrysanthemum cultivation, choose quality, healthy plant seeds free from pests. Seedlings that are ready to be planted have at least 4-5 green leaves. Plant these chrysanthemum flower seeds with a density of 70 plants per m². So that flower seeds can grow well, routine maintenance and fertilization need to be done. Watering is done every day, which need to be considered, this watering is done only to make the soil moist and wet. Avoid over watering because it will cause the flower roots to rot and die.
And fertilizing is done routinely 2 weeks after 1 month of planting. These chrysanthemums will bloom after 3-4 months of age, and can be harvested when the flowers are half-bloomed. Thus the review of how to chrysanthemum cultivation is good and right, hopefully it can be useful and inspire you ..
Description: Chrysanthemum cultivation is almost the same as ornamental flower cultivation in general, as well as its business opportunities that are very promising

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