How to Clean an Iphone Virus

How to clean the iPhone virus  The iPhone is one of the smartphones that is quite popular in the world. With all the IOS-based specifications that are presented, the iPhone is tough enough to become an Android-based smartphone rival that is now a favorite of smartphone users. However, each of these smartphone devices has advantages and disadvantages of each that suspends the iPhone in its highest position. No wonder if this smartphone from Apple vendor is priced at a high price, but of course it also comes with a variety of the best specifications, including in terms of safety.
In addition to having qualified specifications, the iPhone is also known as a smartphone that is very safe because it has been equipped with a sophisticated and relevant security system. This applied security system also makes the iPhone staying digadang as the safest smartphone in the world. However, this belief seems to have yet to be proven given the discovery of a quite dangerous Malware virus able to enter the iPhone application. This Malware virus can be quite threatening to iPhone users, because until now a virus called Malware WireLurker has been able to infect hundreds of thousands of iPhone users. So how to clean up the iphone virus? Here we describe how to clean the Malware virus from your iPhone.
Overview of Malware Virus That Attacked Iphone
Before we discuss how to clean the iphone virus, it helps you know what the characteristics of the Malware virus can break through the iPhone's security system. This Malware virus infects and attacks the iPhone through a fake app store that directs its users to a fake website. This virus attacks and retrieves files and personal data contained in the victim's iPhone. What makes this virus even more dangerous for iPhone users is because it has become the first Bug on an iPhone device, even this virus has never been jailed before. Then how to overcome it?
How To Avoid And Clean Malware Virus On Iphone
If your iPhone has been infected with this Malware virus then there are a number of steps you need to take. The first step is to make sure you secure all your personal data, and do not let you provide information related to personal data including credit cards for any reason, to avoid misuse of your data for unwanted things. After you ensure the security of your personal data, then you can use how to clean the iPhone virus to protect your personal data. Is it difficult to clean iPhone from a harmful Malware virus? Of course not, because you can do it yourself through your iPhone.
How to clean the iphone virus you can do in several stages. First, close or move the scan window, enter the application menu, utilities and select the monitor activity menu. Then select all processes in the pop up menu located in the upper right corner of the window. The next step is to look for the name of the application that is indicated to be infected with a Malware virus such as MacSecurity, MacDefender, MacProtector and other application names. After all is selected then click the quit process and quit button to close the activity monitor application. The final step is to open the application folder, and look for the application that you have previously selected, then click and drag it to the trash bin, to avoid viruses that are still left behind, empty the trash or trash bin to permanently delete the application.
Besides attacking through fake applications, malware viruses also attack system preferences. To clean it, you can follow the easy way to clean the iphone virus, because you only need to open the system preferences, select an account and login item. Select the application that was detected by the malware virus and select the minus button to delete it.
In addition to cleaning it, you also have to avoid this virus so that it does not attack your device. In addition to not entering personal data or passwords for any reason, you can also follow how to prevent iphone viruses by cleaning the application and emptying the trash if your application is known to indicate this dangerous virus. Thus information related to how to clean the iphone virus that we can convey, hopefully useful ..
Description: you must pay attention to how to clean the iPhone virus to protect your personal data from irresponsible parties. In addition to cleaning it, you also have to prevent it so that the virus does not re-infect your iPhone.

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